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Credit FORWARD Testing
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About Credit FORWARD Testing

Credit FORWARD testing out is for students who have not taken the class prior. Counselor approval must be gotten prior to registration and will be verified.

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  • Testing Out - Credit FORWARD Exams

    THIS TESTING IS FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE NOT YET TAKEN A CLASS BUT WANT TO TRY AND GET CREDIT BY TESTING OUT OF IT. A credit forward exam is available for students who wish to test out of a class that they have not yet taken. The Chippewa Valley Testing Out Form must be filled out prior to registration and turned into your counselor. You may only register for one exam per testing date. PLEASE NOTE: STUDENTS MUST TURN IN THE FORM TO THEIR COUNSELOR. REGISTRATION WILL BE VERIFIED WITH THE COUNSELOR AND STUDENTS WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE CREDIT FORWARD TESTING AND NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL IF IN NON-COMPLIANCE. ❖ Credits earned through testing out may not be accepted by some colleges/universities. ❖ It is the student’s responsibility to contact colleges/universities that they may be considering applying to in order to learn more about specific college and university admissions policies regarding “test out” credits on high school transcripts. ❖ Please see the details on the district's testing out website at :